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Alonzo's wish to have a Toys 'R' Us shopping spree

Alonzo shopping

“ Shopping is one of the few things that Alonzo has control over in his everyday life. ”

- Alonzo's mom, Ilena

Alonzo loves playing with toys, so a shopping spree wish from Make-A-Wish® Colorado gave him the opportunity to pick out even more toys to play with.

On Wed. Dec. 4, 2012, Alonzo from Denver, woke up more excited than usual – it was his special day, the day he had been looking forward to for weeks – it was his wish day! Like most 4-year-old kids, Alonzo loves toys, so his wish was to have a Toys R Us shopping spree where he “could pick out more toys than he could carry.”

When Alonzo and his family arrived at Toys R Us, Geoffrey the Giraffe was there waiting for him! Geoffrey helped Alonzo pick out some cool toys, event some of his favorites including an electronic spider that crawls around the floor, a tool set, train set, life-size Spiderman cardboard cutout and dinosaur toys.

Alonzo’s mom, Ilena said, “Alonzo picked out so many toys on his shopping spree, all of which he loves. There are several that surround his bed every night so they are the first thing he sees when he wakes up.” It’s a constant reminder about his wish experience and the joy he felt that day!

Alonzo’s medical condition makes life very difficult at times, especially for a young boy who wants to play and explore the world. “A shopping spree wish was perfect for Alonzo because shopping is one of the few things that Alonzo has control over in his everyday life,” said Ilena. “The shopping spree wish allowed Alonzo to have complete say in what toys he picked out and helped him focus on the positive rather than the structured medication schedule that impacts his day.”

This shopping spree wish was an amazing adventure for Alonzo and his family. Thinking back to that day keeps him hopeful for the future and keeps him focused on the positive each day.

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