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Abi's wish to have a shopping spree

Abi shopping spree

“ "It was the best day in my whole life!" ”

- Wish kid Abi

Like most teenage girls, Abi loved to shop which inspired her wish from Make-A-Wish® Colorado.

Abi's Wish

Seventeen-year-old Abi shares her wish experience in her own words...
I was both excited and nervous. We were going to the office of Make-A-Wish<sup>&reg;</sup> Colorado. Since I have Cystic Fibrosis, I qualified for a wish. We discussed several options: a trip to North Carolina to see my family, meeting the Colorado Rockies, being a princess, and going on a shopping spree. I finally decided on a shopping spree. I love shopping and have never had the chance to buy whatever I wanted. I wanted mostly electronics to use for school and during my treatments and hospital stays. For days, I watched the mail. Finally, I got what I was looking for: my Wish Certificate!! I was going shopping!
The day started out like an ordinary day. However, it was not an ordinary day at all. There was a feeling of anticipation and excitement. As soon as the limo pulled up in our driveway, I swiftly turned off my treatment, and we all got into the limo and it was so cool! At the store, there were lots of nice people waiting. There was another wish grantor, a Best Buy worker, named Josh, who was going to help me pick out my stuff, and the store manger Scott. They Best Buy workers gave me a pink boa, which my dad and brother promptly began to play with. Then we got to go shopping!!!
First, I looked at the laptops. I really needed one for school and wanted one to take with me to the hospital when I have appointments or hospital stays. Josh showed me some really cool laptops. I finally decide on one that had a blu-ray player and a high-speed processor. I next looked at the iPads. The iPad2 was definitely the top thing on my list. It had two cameras so I could Skype my friends. Scott went to the back of the store and got me the last one that was in stock. It was a 64GB wi-fi and 3G capable iPad2! Sweet!! And of course, I needed something to get some apps with so I got a $100 iTunes gift card. I love taking pictures, and I wanted a nice, new camera. Scott helped me to pick out a super nice camera. By now I was really tired. The Best Buy employees made a really nice place for me to sit and rest and they even had a Barbie movie playing for me to watch! It was very cozy and felt great to get off my feet.
Next, we went to put all my shopping bags in the trunk of the limo. I said my goodbyes to the Best Buy people and we were whisked away to lunch. I was allowed to pick where we went to lunch and I picked Old Chicago. Old Chicago had set aside a table just for us! They had even decorated it in lots of balloons. We all sat down and ordered pizza. We all got to get our own large pizza! I got triple cheese on mine. I never had gotten to get that much cheese since we usually share a pizza as a family, but now that I got my own, I could get whatever I wanted on it.
Our last stop was Toys “R” Us. When we pulled up to the store, they had a personalized shopping cart for me! The first thing I went to get was an Xbox 360 and some games for it. I had played the Xbox 360 that The Children’s Hospital has in each of their hospital rooms. I had been in the hospital a lot lately, so I had played a bunch of the games that the hospital had. I got a 250GB Xbox 360, two wireless controllers, and a charger for them. I got a cool racing game, Lego Star Wars and MLB 2K11, since I love baseball. I couldn’t wait to play Lego Star Wars during my treatments now! Then we went to look at the Barbies! I love Barbie dolls and there were so many! I found a gorgeous bride Barbie that I liked, but then my twin sister found a Barbie that I call a “movie Barbie.” They are Barbie dolls that are made to look like the Barbies in the Barbie movies. The one she found was based off my favorite Barbie movie, the Princess and the Pauper. It even came with the movie! I did not own the movie yet, so I was excited to finally own my very own copy of the movie. I spotted the movie aisle, and I wanted to see the movies they had. I ended up spending the remainder of my money on four movies I wanted: Tangled, Secretariat, Bolt, and Toy Story 3. We got to pay for all the stuff at the manager’s personal register!
By now, I was so tired it was hard to stand up. We put all my bags in the car and took a few more pictures. Then we headed home with all my goodies. I could hardly wait to get home!! We got home and put all my bags in the house while the driver turned the limo around. However, it had just snowed about a week earlier so it was muddy and slushy on our driveway. After all, we live in the Rocky Mountains, where snow does not exactly melt quickly. So the limo got stuck! My dad had to pull it out with his tow cables. It was pretty funny. It was the best day in my whole life! Thank you Make-A-Wish of Colorado! Thank you Best Buy in Broomfield! Thank you Old Chicago! Thank you Toys “R” Us! BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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“Our daughter got to shine and be the center of positive, healthy attention for a whole week.”

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