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Wade's Trip to Walt Disney World!

  • Last chemo!

  • Cancer can't handle this!

  • Wade & Mayor Clayton!

  • Sand castle time on the beach!

  • Wade and Tink!

  • Wade & Snow White!

  • Wade smiles with Minnie Mouse!

  • Wade and Chief Wiggum!

  • Wade in the cockpit!

  • Wade gets a tour of the plane!

Wade is a resilient and strong kid with an optimistic outlook on life. Despite being diagnosed with cancer at a young age, he has maintained his super hero attitude throughout it all. His motto sums him up well: cancer picked the wrong kid! After going through 39 weeks of chemo and 28 radiation treatments, he proudly declared that he “kicked cancer’s butt” and that “cancer can’t handle this!” His celebration for winning his battle with the illness came in the form of a very special wish: to go to Walt Disney World!

Wade’s wish to go to Walt Disney World Resorts began with a behind-the-scenes tour of his Southwest Airlines plane. Wade donned a bright Southwest Airlines vest and checked out the giant propellers underneath the wing. Upon close inspection and confirmation of the fact that yes, the propellers were in fact bigger than he was, he gave them the “O.K.” and continued up into the plane. He jumped into the cockpit, ready to copilot his flight to Florida! However, he quickly changed his mind when he found out copilots don’t get to nap or watch movies during the flight…

Upon arrival to Florida, Wade and his family were taken to Give Kids The World Village where Wade met Mayor Clayton, a friendly bunny rabbit with an affinity for Hawaiian shirts. Wade took a tour of the Village, stopping to make note of the unlimited ice cream parlor before leaving to hit up the parks!

Dressed in a custom-made Make-A-Wish shirt bearing his name, Wade walked around Walt Disney World like a professional. He cozied up to each Disney character with a memorable grin or, in the case of Minnie Mouse, a shy smile. He spun around on the merry-go-round, charmed a few princesses and made a stop for donuts with Chief Wiggum from “The Simpson’s.” He loved walking around with his family to see all the different characters from his favorite movies and shows. He enjoyed every minute at the park!

His adventures didn’t stop there; when he wasn’t sprinting from ride to ride at the park or eating ice cream at Give Kids The World, he was in the sand! Wade loved the soft, white sand beach and spent hours constructing the perfect sand castle out of cups.

Wade’s trip was a culmination of his epic battle against cancer. He was able to celebrate his victory with his family and make memories to last a lifetime!

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“Our daughter got to shine and be the center of positive, healthy attention for a whole week.”

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