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Jordyn's Marvel-ous Cruise

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The process of granting a wish involves plenty of steps. One important step is when volunteer wish granters sit down with the wish kid to discuss his or her one true wish. These meetings are joyful, unique and exciting experiences for wish kids because they get to talk about all the exciting ideas they have for their one true wish.

Wish kid Jordyn had her own special interview and it was a memorable one. Her wish granters got to known Jordyn and her family while talking about what Jordyn’s one true wish would look like.

When the idea of a Marvel Disney Cruise was mentioned, Jordyn jumped up, ran to her room and brought back down something that showed her wish granters the heart of her wish: her own stuffed Incredible Hulk. Turns out that wasn’t the only Hulk-inspired gear she owned…

Jordyn's Hulk Backpack!

Jordyn’s face lit up with pure joy and excitement when thinking about seeing the life-sized Hulk while on a cruise with her family. Soon, the date was set for the trip and the excitement began to grow!

Jordyn’s wish to go on a Marvel Cruise began before stepping foot on the boat. Jordyn and her family were treated like VIPs when a limo picked them up and drove them to the airport and United Airlines welcomed them onto the plane like rock stars.

The cruise was a perfect oasis for Jordyn. She met her favorite characters from the Avengers and of course, the Incredible Hulk! Her family spent the whole trip together, enjoying the delights of travel with the comfort of being able to stay in one place. The cruise was the culmination of the wish process and represents more than just a trip on a boat. Jordyn’s wish gave her and her family an opportunity to relax, spend time together and for Jordyn, it meant finally meeting her hero, the real life-size Incredible Hulk.

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“Our daughter got to shine and be the center of positive, healthy attention for a whole week.”

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