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Ivy Meets Spider-Man!

  • Ivy and Spider-Man

  • Ivy & the Avengers

If you met 6-year-old Ivy, you’d quickly learn that she loves Spider-Man! She watches Spider-Man movies, plays Spider-Man video games, enjoys all things Marvel and when asked to share her favorite food will say it’s “cake with Spider-Man on it.”

Ivy faces the daily challenge of battling a critical illness, and recently Make-A-Wish® Colorado gave her the opportunity to have a wish granted. When she thought about the options, it didn’t take her long to decide that she wanted to meet Spider-Man. A Florida trip sending her to parks like Walt Disney World Resort®, Universal Orlando Resort™, SeaWorld® and more was not far off.

Throughout all the parks, Ivy filled her time running from one activity to the next. She loved each experience and would hold one as her favorite, until she got to the next and felt even more joy! Each park, memory and moment just piled into one large pot of happiness. But of course, the moment everyone was eager for was Ivy’s time to meet Spider-Man. It was special because he bent down low with her and they took a picture together in a superhero pose, prepared to shoot webs. What’s more is Ivy got to meet many other Marvel superheroes as well like Wolverine, Captain America and Storm.

Ivy and her family will forever be impacted by her wish experience, in more ways than just the joy of new memories. Ivy’s mom said that the trip really helped Ivy to open up and share with others about her journey fighting cancer. She said that while they were on vacation, Ivy developed a new passion for educating others about her type of cancer.

The trip was truly special. “The experience that [Make-A-Wish] gives these children show them that life doesn’t have to stand still while they are trying to get better,” said Ivy’s mom

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“Our daughter got to shine and be the center of positive, healthy attention for a whole week.”

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