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Becca's Panda Experience!

     Becca is special for many reasons, including her sweet smile and awesome dance moves, but recently something else has made her incredibly special: she could possibly be the last American allowed to have contact with a giant panda. Becca has a gastro-intestinal disorder, which prompted her mom to refer her to Make-A-Wish Colorado to have a wish granted. Becca has always loved pandas, and decided that the perfect wish for her would be to hold a panda bear.
     Upon arriving in China, it seemed that her wish of holding a panda might not be able to happen as they had changed the rules around panda contact, but with some help from their tour guide and a bit of convincing, authorities allowed an exception to be made for Becca. She was escorted into the panda enclosure where she had a personal meet-and-greet with one of the world’s most endangered animals. Becca immediately had a special connection with the panda. It even held onto her arm for support! The panda fun did not end there. Becca spent the next day in an immersive panda-keeper experience, during which she was able to assist in preparing the pandas’ meals and helping the keepers in their day-to-day responsibilities.
     Another highlight from their trip was their visit to the Emei Mountain. Becca and her mom both felt like they were in a picture book about China, saying that the trip was over-the-top amazing. Becca’s mom said that they were so overjoyed to have this trip together and that they could not fully comprehend the magic of Becca’s wish until they were living in it. Wishes like Becca’s can change lives not only for the kid, but also for the entire family.

  • Beautiful scenery!

  • Up close and personal with a panda!

  • Fun with brothers!

  • Fun in China!

  • Touring Emei Mountain!

  • Fam time!

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“Our daughter got to shine and be the center of positive, healthy attention for a whole week.”

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