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Olivia the Bat Princess


In the face of evil, Denver was in need of a hero. There was only one superhero that was right for the job, Olivia the Bat Princess.

While enjoying her lunch on a bright, sunny day, the news came in, “Attention citizens of Denver this is Corey Rose from 9NEWS with breaking news. There have been reports of villainous activity in the downtown area!” Shining down on the streets of Denver was the Bat Princess distress signal. Olivia jumped into action! She quickly changed into her superhero gear and grabbed her tools of justice – she was off!

Chatfield High School was the last known location of the villainous activity. Their mascot, the Charger, had gone missing. This is where Olivia the Bat Princess’ courageous battle began. Behind the wheel of her bat-mobile, she stormed through the gym doors where she came face-to-face with the masked villains. With a few strikes from her bow-and-arrow, they made a hasty retreat. The Chatfield High School Charger was safe again, and the students cheered for their hero. However, the celebration didn’t last long. Once again the distress signal appeared, and Olivia received news that a princess was being held captive at the DaVita World Headquarters. With no time to waste, she rushed off to save her fellow princess.          

Arriving at DaVita, Olivia was greeted with cheers. The crowd also alerted her that not one, but two princesses were now being held captive. 

The captured princesses wept, fearing that there was no hope of being rescued. Acting fast, Olivia drew her bow and arrow, scaring away the first of the villains. Then, having run out of arrows, Olivia grabbed her sword of justice. The mere sight of her sword sent shivers through the remaining villain, who immediately fled. After an exhausting battle, Olivia the Bat Princess was victorious, saving both of the princesses. The day had been saved!

For wish kid Olivia, 6-years-old, who has been battling a rare medical condition, being transformed into Olivia the Bat Princess was more than a once-in-a-lifetime experience, it was a lasting memory and a driving force to help her through the tough days. “You could give me all the money in the world, and I would give it back to you to be able to watch that day again,” Olivia’s mom, Kelly shared. To this day, “anytime she meets new people, with glee, she introduces herself as Olivia the Bat Princess.”     

A special thank you to everyone who help fulfill Olivia's wish to be Olivia the Bat Princess - 

Above It All Ballooner     FASTSIGNS
Altitude Restaurant    The Hyatt Regency Denver at the Colorado Convention Center
Bottle Cap Graphics
   Jackman Brothers Entertainment 
Chatfield High School
   John Lindsay - The Hard Rock Cafe
Shannon Clark    Teresa & Rus Pusztai
Corey Rose Cavan - 9NEWS
   Suga Me Sweet
Dances with Dragonflies     Sunset Limousines 
DaVita World Headquarters      Wands and Wishes Occasions
Denver Screen Print

  • The crowd at DaVita cheering on Olivia the Bat Princess

  • #OliviatheBatPrincess

  • Students at Chatfield High School with Olivia the Bat Princess

  • Students at Chatfield High School cheering on Olivia the Bat Princess

  • Olivia the Bat Princess defeating the villains at the Hyatt Regency Denver

  • A few strikes from her bow-and-arrow and Olivia the Bat Princess has saved the Chatfield Charger

  • The Princesses need Olivia the Bat Princess' help!

  • The crowds gathered to celebrate Olivia the Bat Princess for saving the day for once and for all!

  • The Princesses thanking Olivia the Bat Princess for her bravery!

  • The Evil Octopus

  • Olivia the Bat Princess has arrived!

  • Olivia the Bat Princess with the Chatfield Charger

  • Students at Chatfield High School cheering on Olivia the Bat Princess

  • Do not fear Chatfield High School, Olivia the Bat Princess is here!

  • #OliviatheBatPrincess

  • Olivia the Bat Princess

  • Olivia the Bat Princess at the Hard Rock Cafe Denver

  • A special message for Olivia the Bat Princess from the Hyatt Regency Denver

  • Olivia the Bat Princess

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“Our daughter got to shine and be the center of positive, healthy attention for a whole week.”

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