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Jesus' wish to be a Charro


“ The new charro’s grin shone brighter than all the lights in the National Western Complex. ”

An innate aptitude for performing rope tricks pumps through 6-year-old Jesús’ blood.

At a very young age, Jesús liked to play with the garden hose. He would pretend the hose was a lasso, much like the ones used by traditional Mexican cowboys called charros.  

When Jesús later received a lasso as a gift, he quickly mastered a few tricks and was eager to learn more. With these skills and his love of animals and the rodeo, Jesús knew he was destined for life as a charro. 

Unfortunately, there is also cancer in Jesús’ blood. Four years ago, the happy and playful youngster began complaining that he couldn’t see and would fall unexplainably. A trip to The Children’s Hospital returned the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a cancer of the blood generated in the bone marrow. Jesús responded bravely. “In the hospital, they poke me, but I don’t cry.”

To give Jesús additional strength, as well as hope and joy, his family turned to Make-A-Wish<sup>&reg;</sup> Colorado. They hoped Jesús’ wish to become a charro could become a reality.Then, one September day, a limousine escorted Jesús to the National Western Complex. Inside, mariachis played while professional charros performed. Jesús – dressed from head to toe in traditional charro clothing – joined the professionals and delighted the crowd with his own roping skills. Then it was time to ride the horses. Jesús was lifted onto the back of a beautiful horse wearing a shiny saddle. He was told it was a horse worthy of a charro. And that the horse was his. The new charro’s grin shone brighter than all the lights in the National Western Complex.


In the hospital, they poke me, but I don't cry. ”

— Jesus

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June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

June 25, 2012 - 11:25 AM

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