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Wishful Thinking

Apr 15, 2015

Keep Calm and Thank a Volunteer!

National Volunteer Week
It's National Volunteer Week and we want to say THANK YOU to all of our volunteers who donate their time to help grant wishes!

Since 1983, we’ve relied on caring volunteers to accomplish our mission. Make-A-Wish volunteers donate their time and lend their creativity to make kids’ wishes come true. Thank you, to all of our volunteers, for helping us grant more than 4,400 wishes so far.

Here are just a few reasons why we appreciate our volunteers at Make-A-Wish Colorado:

  • The enthusiasm and compassion they show and share with our families. - Alyssa

  • They are unwavering in their devotion to tirelessly going the distance during events. They have a “can-do” resilience that is amazing! – Linda

  • Their creativity makes special events look incredible and unique! We are so lucky! – Stacie

  • I appreciate the volunteers because they add the human touch to the stories of wish kids that I only know from the files. – Jamie

  • I appreciate our volunteers for their hard work and kind hearts in helping us find out our children’s one true wish – they rock! – Kiki

  • They assist with all our events. They seem really happy to be involved with Make-A-Wish. No matter what we ask of them, they are willing to help. – Laurie

  • The wish granting volunteers make the itinerary delivery process a special celebration. – LuAnn

  • From wrapping presents to photographing events, each volunteer brings a special quality to our organization to make us better. Thank you for sharing your time, talents and kindness with Make-A-Wish Colorado! – Amanda

  • We appreciate volunteers help with Kids For Wish Kids® events! – Lauren

  • They can volunteer anywhere and they choose us! Dedicated, loyal and willing to go above and beyond to bring joy. They are simply the best! – Jennifer MW

  • The willingness of our 6’4” volunteer to dress up in an under-sized elf costume, drive to a destination and show up ready and willing to support our cause! - Shawn

  • As the Director of Volunteers, I always say I’m privileged to work on a regular basis with the really good people in the world.  The lyrics of “For Good” (from the musical Wicked) remind me of our volunteers: “I’ve heard it said that people come into our lives for a reason, bringing something we must learn, and we are led to those who help us most to grow, if we let them, and we help them in return.”  Well, I do believe that’s true, and I know Make-A-Wish is what it is today because we know (and work with) you, our volunteers.  And because of you, lives have been changed for good. Thank you for everything you are and for everything you give to make our mission possible.  With warmest regards, Becky



“Our daughter got to shine and be the center of positive, healthy attention for a whole week.”

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Our wish kids, families, volunteers and supporters have either witnessed or experienced first-hand the impact a wish can have on a child with a life-threatening medical condition, and have different experiences and memories associated with our organization. Read about the Make-A-Wish Colorado family here at the Wishful Thinking Blog!

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