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Wishful Thinking

Perspective from a Celebrity Waiter

Sporting Affair, 2015
We asked a few celebrity waiters from the event about their thoughts on the about a few stand out moments.
  • Justin Thornton, Denver Broncos Thunderstorm

  • Cam Holding, Denver Outlaws/Colorado Mammoth

  • Daniel Graham, Denver Broncos Alumn; 2X Super Bowl Champion

  • Eric Law, Denver Outlaws

  • Denver Outlaws and Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse players Cam Holding and Eric Law

The 2015 Sporting Affair Celebrity Waiter Dinner was a very successful night. Forty-three celebrity waiters, two wish recipients who received sports-related wishes, 23 volunteers and 400 guests all helped make the evening memorable. With the help of event guests, corporate sponsors, and generous donors, the event raised $255,000 for wishes come true!


We asked a few celebrity waiters from the event about their thoughts on the evening. Read responses from Justin Thornton, Denver Broncos Thunderstorm; Daniel Graham, Denver Broncos Alumn; Cam Holding, Denver Outlaws/Colorado Mammoth; and Eric Law, Denver Outlaws:


What was your favorite part of the evening?

I would have to say my favorite part was the beginning of the evening where you get to mix and mingle with the other athletes and guests. – Justin Thornton, Denver Broncos Thunderstorm Captain

The VIP reception! Getting to meet people in a more intimate setting and getting to know the donors and supporters of a great organization. – Daniel Graham, Denver Broncos Alumn and 2X Super Bowl Champion 

My favorite part of the evening was listening to the stories of the two young children and how Make-A-Wish gave them hope. The statistic that Dennis gave about the percentage of kids that pulled through when they knew a wish was being granted was incredible. I also loved the story about the boy who was in a coma and woke up when his wish was granted. The puppy jumping onto his lap and licking his face must have brought so much joy and happiness. For that young boy, nothing else in the world mattered, which is what makes Make-A-Wish amazing! – Cam Holding, Denver Outlaws/Colorado Mammoth Lacrosse

My favorite part of the evening was being able to meet the two Wish kids and their families. Having the chance to talk with them, and I was lucky enough to get their autographs. Hearing their stories and how Make-A-Wish was able to help them out was incredibly special to hear. – Eric Law, Denver Outlaws Lacrosse

What were you most excited for?

I was most excited about being up on stage with so many special athletes all joined together for a great cause. – Justin Thornton

Hearing the stories of the Wish Kids and learning what they chose as their wishes. – Daniel Graham

I was most excited to try and raise money for Make-A-Wish by selling our aprons. Dan Coates (fellow lacrosse player) and I had a blast talking to everyone at our table and really trying to drive the donation price up! – Cam Holding

I was most excited to see the (wish) kids as well as meet all of the wonderful people that help Make-A-Wish happen. – Eric Law

What does Make-A-Wish mean to you?

To me, Make-A-Wish means hope for people who may not have a lot of hope left in their life. – Justin Thornton

A great foundation to give kids that have a struggle in life the opportunity to do something they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do.  A great organization! – Daniel Graham

Make-A-Wish means hope and inspiration to me. Granting a simple wish to someone who has been through so much is an amazing thing. – Cam Holding

Make-A-Wish is such a special organization and having the first hand opportunity to experience what it can do for a kid.  Last season, when the Outlaws had Kyle for a Make-A-Wish day, it was truly special to us as a team and organization and made us all come together, and because of it, our chemistry as a team grew exponentially. It gave us the momentum we needed and I truly think Kyle had a lot to do with us winning our first championship this past season. – Eric Law

Anything else to add?

Having the opportunity to meet all different types of athletes of different sports was also an incredible experience. We were all there for a great cause and meeting other athletes with big hearts was special. It was fun to be with others who are using their "celebrity" status for a greater good and the realization these kids are the true celebrities. – Eric Law


“Our daughter got to shine and be the center of positive, healthy attention for a whole week.”

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