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Cory's Long Awaited Family Vacation

Cory with his new buddy Goofy

Cory always dreamt of jet-setting alongside his five siblings for a family vacation. 

After being diagnosed with a nervous system disorder, this vision seemed like a distant fantasy. However, when Cory was referred to Make-A-Wish Colorado, his dream became a reality.

Arriving at Walt Disney World Resorts, it was sensory overload for Cory and his family. So many incredible things to do and see, where to begin? "It was like living in a dream. We wanted to soak in every minute, making each moment as positive as possible," Beth, Cory's Grandmother, recalled.

At 13 years old, Cory is captivated by the technology and special effects of many of the rides. Nothing compares to being launched into the solar system in the Star Wars Experience, or the life-like twists and turns while dodging oncoming boulders on the Indiana Jones ride. Finally, checking off one of the classics, he sailed off with pirates on the Pirates of the Caribbean adventure. "My wish trip was the best time I have ever had in my life," Cory enthusiastically shared. Riding the fastest and tallest roller coasters, Cory and his family screamed with excitement and joy as all of the hospital visits and treatments became distant memories.

After long days, the family retreated to their suites at Give Kids the World where they were greeted by friendly faces and ice cream cones. "The trip went by so fast it was like living in a cartoon, a dream come true," Cory and Beth exclaimed.

The wish gave Cory hope for the future and a new outlook on life. Having the incredible memories and pictures to chronicle their trip, remind him of what he has accomplished and the many possibilities that are still to come. 

  • Cory and his siblings braving a roller coster

  • Cory with his new buddy Mickey Mouse

  • Cory and his family meeting the characters from Pixar's Toy Story

  • Cory and his family

  • Cory and his sister enjoying the ride

  • Cory and his family

  • Cory and his family checking into their suites at Give Kids The World

  • Cory in the cockpit of the plane before taking off on his wish trip

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“Our daughter got to shine and be the center of positive, healthy attention for a whole week.”

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