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Celebrating Our Volunteers During April, and every week!

The Make-A-Wish staff is reminded every day -- not just in April -- of how fortunate we are to have so many outstanding volunteers working so many hours for us. Even a million “thanks” do not come close to expressing how grateful we are for everything they do.

Here’s why Make-A-Wish Staff appreciate these wonderful people:

“You (volunteers) are one of our foundation’s most valuable assets, and have helped us fulfill the wishes of more than 4,300 Colorado children in the past 33+ years.  You have tirelessly worked fundraisers, run errands, worked in the office and with wish families, and more!  We can celebrate our past achievements and plan a bright future with confidence because we know we can rely on the support of outstanding volunteers like all of you.   We want you to know that your efforts are essential and truly appreciated.  Your individual talents, creativity and compassion are making a world of difference to the children and families we serve.”  Joan

“I appreciate our volunteers for their hard work and kind hearts in helping us find out our children’s one true wish – they rock!”  Kiki

“The wish granting volunteers make the itinerary delivery process a special celebration.”   LuAnn

“…because their creativity makes special events look incredible and unique!  We are so lucky!”   Stacie

“Event volunteers make it all possible.  I truly appreciate the flexibility and dedication of our awesome volunteers.  From standing out in the freezing cold, working a slop line, and doing an obstacle course in high heels, to hard labor, asking for donations and answering our phones.  We LOVE you!”   Patti

“I appreciate the volunteers because they add the human touch to the stories of wish kids that I only know from the files.”  Jamie

“From wrapping presents to photographing events, each volunteer brings a special quality to our organization to make us even better.  Thank you for sharing your time, talents and kindness with Make-A-Wish.”  Alyssa

“1. They assist with all our events.   2.  They seem really happy to be involved with Make-A-Wish.    3. No matter what we ask of them, they are willing to help.”   Laurie

“They can volunteer anywhere & they choose us!   Dedicated, loyal and willing to go above & beyond to bring joy.   They are simply the best!”  Jennifer W

“They are unwavering in their devotion to tirelessly go the distance during events.  They have a ‘can-do’ resilience that is amazing.”   Linda

“The enthusiasm and compassion they show and share with our families.”   Jen G

“Their work is indispensable and makes it possible for us to grant as many wishes as we do.  Their dedication and generosity, and all the many ways they help us, come together to help create the magic and hope that is Make-A-Wish’s gift to ‘our’ wish children.  The volunteers are a joy and privilege to work with, and a daily reminder of how truly kind and giving people are.”   Becky

“We appreciate volunteers’ help with Kids For Wish Kids events!”  Lauren & Sarah

“…The willingness of our 6’4” volunteer to dress up in an elf costume, drive to a destination and show up ready and willing to support our cause!”   Shawn

“Volunteers add a depth and breadth of knowledge and skills that is invaluable to Make-A-
Wish.  We’re a stronger organization because of the generosity of our volunteers – thank you! 

“Our daughter got to shine and be the center of positive, healthy attention for a whole week.”

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